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LJ collab with MySpace, srsly? I mean, come on people. That is one of the dumbest things I've ever read. LJ loves to make fun of MySpace. LJ prides itself on not being MySpace. Well, the users do, at any rate. 6A, of course, couldn't care less. Infidels! :p

Anyway. If I was really that bothered by 6A I would have flounced and left, instead of just being negligent :p

I was originally going to write about something...but then I forgot :p Ooops!
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So, it's been almost a week since I began running Ubuntu off Kurt, and I have to say it's going pretty well. It's occasionally a little slow, but that's not really an issue :p and USB 3.0 is coming out relatively soon, so speedier operation may be in the future :) I can't put Dja (my computer) to sleep while I'm running off Kurt, because waking up makes the system freeze, but again not really an issue, since I have little reason to put Dja to sleep when I'm running Ubuntu. Being on a *nix system again has been exciting times, especially because I had to learn (i.e., am still learning, and cheating in the meantime) how to configure iptables and mysql (it interfaces with an intrusion detection programme called Snort). All I can say is, thank Thoth for tutorials. But apart from that, Ubuntu is exceptionally user friendly. Almost excruciatingly so :p I didn't even have to learn how to use apt-get because Synaptic is so friendly and graphical, and will get updates from the Universal repository for you...all the same, I really should learn how to use apt-get and write cron scripts.

So, today was my last day at the Spoon, and it was sad :( Especially since it was also Dolly's first day back after a year of exciting adventures (ie, visiting Italy and working in the City). But that's just how things go... OMG we were on the news today! MSNBC came and filmed stuff...Gab showed the newslady how to make nectarine sorbet, and it was sooooooo adorable. The newslady looked so intimidated when Gab handed her the burr mixer :p And the whole thing was just adorable in general :) Also, the newslady was very pretty.
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Yaye install discs!

Part one was a success!!! Windoze was successfully restored :) I'm slowly re-installing all the apps I lost. One reboot now for config, then I'm going to try booting Kurt. *nervous*
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O, grub...

To type this, I am running the Ubuntu 9.04 Live CD, Jaunty Jackalope.
I was trying to install Jaunty on Kurt (the 1Tb Matchstick got for me), and I screwed up...I let the installer put grub on Storm (my internal hard drive), and now there is major errorage going on. So, I'm going to reinstall Vi$ta (I cannot believe I just fucking typed that) on Storm and see if I can install Jaunty on Kurt properly.

In other news, my last shift at the Spoon is Tuesday. D:
But on the plus side, I'm back to Amherst on the 7th!

OK, posting and logging off now, just in case I blow something up (again).
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((I was going to post this before, but Firefox crapped out on me))

How not to run a blog: neglect.

I haven't posted for nearly two months. Which is very bad of me. I haven't even had a whole lot going on. The big things that happened were Matchstick coming down to visit for two weeks, which was interesting, and for the most part fun. In the second week, we went to Wildwood with my family, and got a bit of sunburn. I enjoy the ocean, but the Outer Banks are still my favourite place to go. The Jersey shore could never compare; it's composed of sketch and tack, each region being differentiated by its relative ratio of the two. The two exceptions are Island Beach State Park (by dint of being a state park) and Cape May (composed solely of kitsch). I would want to live by the ocean, except (a)gardening is difficult in sandy soil and salty air, and (b)no mountains or fields. If there was somewhere in America where I could be relatively close (Jersey close, i.e., 45 minutes by car) to both the Rockies and a beach where the water was warm enough to swim in, I would kind of really want to move there.

Wednesday before last, I went up to RI to see Matchstick for five days, which was fun. In addition to a bit of cooking and lots of sex, we also spent two days gardening. I bought him a hubman, which is adorable. He bought me a lovely, lovely half-apron, which I am very excited about, and (I was kind of mad at him for wasting money like this) a 1Tb external harddrive, Western Digital brand. Matchstick named him Nightcrawler (well, the device is "Kurt Wagner" because Nightcrawler was too long, but his shortcut is "Nightcrawler"), and I'm very excited because I'm going to try to make him into a live device and boot linux (possibly Debian, but most likely Ubuntu, because I'm a sellout) from him, which would kick so much ass. Of course, I also felt like an ungrateful shit because he spent so much on me. But then I got him a dozen roses, and bought him a new custom collar when his got run over (he left it on top of the car and forgot it). So then I felt a bit less shitty.

Matchstick moved into his apartment in Amherst the day after I left RI.

I am exceptionally good at upsetting Matchstick in various ways. I can't ever really make it right, and yet for some strange reason he doesn't hate me yet. I managed to make him very resentful this time, though.

Anyway. During one kitchenware shopping adventure, my mother bought a madeline pan, so I made the lemon madeline recipe from the Martha Stewart cookie cookbook, and it rocked very much. My one problem with them is that they have to be eaten within 48 hours or they sort of collapse in the middle. I also got a cast-iron skillet (finally!), so I'm going to try to make proper Southern cornbread at some point (not tomorrow, though, because I have work).

Also. I had laryngitis and pinkeye on the 19th and had to get antibiotics, which of course kicked the infection's ass, but I hate eyedrops so. Fucking. Much. So much. But the bottle will be empty soon, which is super.

Also. My brother was speeding (at night, in the rain, without his license) around a curve and totalled the Volvo. He was uninjured, as was his passenger, and is going to court. And apparently the points on his license are mandatory, so our insurance is going to go sky-high. Yet, for some reason, he is still permitted to drive (albeit not "about") and spend evenings with his disreputable friends. My father said something today about him not comprehending how lucky he is that he's not grounded, and it took all I could not to turn around and say, "if you disciplined him as you disciplined me, he wouldn't be so impudent." I know I harp on this a lot, but looking at porn was cause for harsher punishment than stealing and selling prescription drugs in my father's eyes. I contend that if my brother's punishment was proportionate to his crimes he would have a much greater sense of filial piety, morality, and responsibility.

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I have developed a taste for avocados. It's a shame that the supermarket only had insanely expensive Hass avocados today, because I am craving fatty, fatty testicle-fruit. On the plus side, though, we are having pesto tonight, which is also green, and also delicious.

I am excited for school to start again. I need to get my shit together.

I may also buy a hookah.

Bits and pieces from LJ:
Concerning social healthcare, which I am for, btw.
Poking holes in the religious right's opposition of sex-ed and reproductive rights
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...and also *CRANIOMENSAM* and *KOPF-->TISCH* for good measure.
I just read this letter to the editor in my local paper, and I just went "O NO YOU DI'IN'!!" My markup is in red:

George W. Bush was right WTF
President George W. Bush's rightful place in history is coming even faster than I thought. What chance would the uprising for freedom in Iran have ("Protesters clash with Iran police," June 21) which was a shitty article anyway, and days too late if not for our hard work of bringing freedom to Iraq and Afghanistan? That sentence is SO UTTERLY FALLACIOUS that I do not have the words to express it. We != bringing "freedom" to Iraq and Afghanistan. The only thing that has changed in Iraq since the invasion is the emphatic absence of Saddam Hussein. The country is balkanised. We are not winning in Afghanistan. Women there are still chattel, crazed conservatives terrorise those who would oppose their radical interpretation of shariah, and the Taliban is encroaching from Pakistan. None of this has any bearing on the Green Revolution whatsoever.
Once, Israel stood alone as the only real democracy in a sea of dictatorships. Except for the whole theocracy thing, and look where they've ended up. The actions of courageous American leaders and even more courageous fighting men and women blah blah blah buzzwords buzzwords buzzwords. This has nothing to do with the topic you are "addressing." of the U.S. armed forces have indeed irreversibly changed the tide of human history -- for the better. STFU. Not in the situation you are talking about. Also, that sentence is post hoc ergo propter hoc at best.
--Veny W. Musum, Basking Ridge Dear Veny, you are stupid. No love, me. I sincerely hope that not all the inhabitants of Basking Ridge are as ill-informed as you are.

I think my markup is longer than the actual letter. AGH! People like this just make me want to hit my head against a pylon until the stupid goes away.